Dr. K.J. Vargheese

M.A, B.Ed, Ph.D. (PGDJ, PGDELT) Dept. of English, Christ College, Irinjalakuda, India

About Dr.K.J. Vargheese


  • Visiting Faculty of Regional Institute of English, South India, Bangalore
  • Visiting Faculty of State Institute of English, Thrissur
  • Advisor and Consultant of Digital Language Lab
  • Presented Classes on career guidance and MI at High School & Higher Secondary Level
  • Resource Person for Seminars on Technology Enhanced Language Teaching
  • Presented Papers at National and International Seminars and Workshops
  • Published papers in national and international journals
  • Course Designer of UGC Add on course in Communicative English, Christ College,
  • Kerala Coordinator of Guinness World Record event “Largest Computer Class in the World”
  • British Council trained BEC Coordinator of the College
  • Short listed for UGC research Award for Post Doctoral Fellowship


  • Use of Technology in English Language Teaching (ELT).
  • Use of Information Communication Technology(ICT) in English Education
  • Career Guidance, Teacher Training, MI and NLP
  • (Secretary of English Lan

Dr. K.J. Vargheese. M.A, B.Ed, Ph.D. (PGDJ, PGDELT) Dept. of English, Christ College, Irinjalakuda.


photo“Mobile Assisted Language Learning (MALL) in Indian Context” A paper published in the Refereed journal “Scholastic International Research Journal of Language and Literature”, Vol. 1, Issue 6, Published by Post Graduate and Research Department of English Ehiraj College for Women (Autonomous), Chennai, January 2015 .ISBN 978-81-7966-273-1

“Multimedia: An Effective Tool for Horning the Language Skills” A paper published in the ll Vol. lst issue of Peer Reviewed journal “English Studies International Research Journal” published International Multidisciplinary Research Foundation. A P ISSN 2347-3479 2014

“Rationale for the Use of ICT in ELT and its Potentials” A paper published in the Journal of ELTIF, Vol. 2. April-June 2014. (ISSN 2230-7710)

“ICT Applied English Language Teaching” A paper published in the 1st Vol. 4th issue of ELT-Vistas Published by State Institute of English, Thrissur. ISSN 0975-8526 (Sept.2011).


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Latest News

Workshop on ‘Internet Tools for ELT’ Organised by IATEFL

International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language has organised a training workshop to language trainers on ‘Internet Tools for ELT’ at Thoothukudi on13-14 March 2015. Dr K J Vargheese, the Asst Professor at Christ College, Irinjalakkuda was the resource person of the workshop.
The workshop was based on Internet-based Language Learning, the most innovative area in the practice of English language teaching and learning. Keeping students interested and engaged in current topics or activities is a daily challenge for teachers in the classroom. The workshop focused on the major advantages of internet tools that provide new possibilities for assisting teachers to successfully meet teaching challenges.


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